This Year's Walk

Because of the pandemic, we cannot travel together by bus to our regular start site, gather inside the churches along the way, or realistically walk together safely in such a large group.

We invite pilgrims to make

their own personal walks.

2020 - The Nazareth to Bethlehem Peace Pilgrimage Gets Personal

Because of the COVID pandemic, this year, in lieu of our traditional 10 mile large group walk from Nazareth to Bethlehem, we invite pilgrims to go for a walk, individually or in small safe groups, in their own neighborhoods (or another place of their choosing) between 12 and 3 pm on Saturday, Dec. 12.


Then, we invite you to join an online gathering between 4:00-5:00 pm that day.


Participants will congregate virtually to share their thoughts, reflections, and experiences of peace. If you choose to take your personal peace pilgrimage on another day or time, you are still welcome to join the group via Zoom at 4pm.

If you take photos of your personal peace pilgrimage, please send any you'd like to share to so we can include them in our slideshow!

While you walk, we suggest that you might reflect on:

Who you want/need to make peace with...

How you plan to make this peace...

One of the many global conflicts and the people who are working to resolve those conflicts peacefully.

During our time together, we could share, for example:


a message of peace.

a short reading or poem

a personal symbol of peace

a personal story of reconciliation

a favorite peacemaker and the work they are doing or have done and what you are going to do to help them.


your own



your own


Download a

Peace Star

to make your

own sign

Our friend Jeff has offered the idea for pilgrims to post flyers where they walk to share information about our witness for peace.

Please use our website   to REGISTER YOUR EMAIL to receive the Zoom link and help us plan how many to expect.  THE ZOOM LINK WILL BE SENT TO registrants SATURDAY MORNING

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone for your understanding and for helping us continue this tradition in a safe way during this challenging time.

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